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[GreenYes] Franchise Agreements
I am looking for info regarding franchise agreements as they relate to solid waste hauling versus recycling.  I want to procure source separated organic waste for the purpose of "recycling" into compost.  The point is to divert this waste from landfilling and obtain its full energy value and compost value.  My questions:
1)  Would this be allowed under most existing franchise agreements?
2)  Would I be sued by the big haulers and their big war chests?
3)  Could my clients "self haul" this material?
Last but not least, if anyone had a copy of a representative franchise agreement (public document) I would really appreciate it if they could send it to me.
Thanks in advance.
William L. Fowler
CCI-US Corporation
2 North First Street
San Jose, CA  95113-1212
Business (408) 298-0332

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