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Re: [GreenYes] Exporting Electronics for Reuse
You might be interested in contacting The Alameda County Computer
Resource Center: and talking with their highly opinionated
Executive Director, James Burgett.  They refurbish old computers and
export them to deserving non-profits both here and abroad.

Susan Blachman
Environmental Finance Center, Region IX
851 West Midway Avenue
Alameda, CA 94705
T: 510-653-8797
F: 510-451-4115

Susan Bush wrote:

>  Hello!  I'm doing some research and writing on exporting electronic
> for reuse. I have spoken w/some municipalities who are against
> exporting computers for reuse. Does any one out there have a strong
> negative opinion on this? I am not talking about exporting scrap
> electronics. Thanks so much!


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