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[GreenYes] GRRN at NRC Booth 712

Come check out what’s new and exciting at GRRN’s booth at the NRC Congress this week in Seattle; we’ll be at Booth 712. Walk away with our hot new “Local Government Connections” fact sheets highlighting our major campaigns and providing sample local government resolutions for you to take back and make happen. Also, fresh of the presses will be GRRN’s statement on a major new study evaluating the economics of bottle bills versus curbside collection of beverage containers.


Gary Liss and other Zero Wasters have shared on this list the GRRN-related events at NRC. If you missed any of that information, stop by the booth and I’ll fill you in. I look forward to meeting many of you.


David Wood, Program Director

GrassRoots Recycling Network

5610 Dorsett Drive

Madison  WI  53711-3402


608-347-7043 (cell)


If you are not for Zero Waste, how much waste are you for?


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