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Re: [GreenYes] recycling plastics when there are no programs?
Dear Frustrated recycling educator,

From what I have learned recently, the best way to get these companies to
become more responsible is to be very careful about how we purchase
products. When we go grocery shopping, we check each package to see if the
packaging is made out of recycled material. If there are 2 similar products
on the shelf, we will always choose the one made out of recycled material.
When I spoke to a local representative of Rumpke Recycling here in
Cincinnati, he stated that the main problem was a lack of market for
recycled products. If people only purchase materials made with at least some
recycled content, the demand for said products will increase. Buy Coke
products and not Pepsi. When shopping for hand lotion, we have noticed that
only a few companies use any recycled content at all in their containers.
Suave is one company that does use recycled content and we have switched our
buying habits to include as many Suave products where applicable. We check
cereal boxes, which on the whole are made out of 100% recycled content with
most including 35 post consumer waste. If we don't make an effort to
purchase these products, then the manufacturers will have no reason to
increase their use of recycled material.


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From: Anne Morse <AMorse@Co.Winona.MN.US>
To: 'Michele Raymond' <>; Doris Cellarius
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Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 12:00 PM
Subject: RE: [GreenYes] recycling plastics when there are no programs?

> Michelle,
> I think you're right about what the plastics industry "theoretically could
> do" to make plastics recycling less problematic, given that it is now
> internationally ingrained and unlike to change.  Shall we ask them?  And
> specifically do you recommend we make our request of?
> Anne Morse
> frustrated recycling educator
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> From: Michele Raymond []
> Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 8:10 AM
> To: Doris Cellarius; 'The Eden Sterling Company';
> Subject: RE: [GreenYes] recycling plastics when there are no programs?
> It is not legal to use the term "recyclable" unless you can easily recycle
> the container in MOST communities.
> Unfortunately, most people take the resin coding symbol to be one for
> recyclable.
> The plastics industry cannot educate people on what to put out because
> program is different.
> However, they theoretically COULD educate nationally on understanding the
> coding system, since it is now ingrained internationally and a little late
> to change.
> Best of luck.
> Michele Raymond
> At 09:48 AM 12/12/01 -0700, Doris Cellarius wrote:
> >Is anyone or any group doing something about all the plastics labeled
> >"recycle" numbers for which there really are no generally available,
> >collection programs for?
> >
> >Citizens are getting quite annoyed about this misleading system.
> >
> >Doris Cellarius

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