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[GreenYes] Environmental Impact of MSW vs total wastes
Besides data on the quantity of the various types of solid waste generated
or that go to landfills, I wonder if anyone has seen data on the relative
environmental impacts of either the generation or disposal of various

Shear quantity (whether weight or volume) is not very important to my unit
of government as it decides on which materials to focus its budget and time.
Instead, we are trying to achieve the most environmental gain for our
efforts. Part of that decision-making depends on our ability to effect
change, but another part depends on what has the most environmental impact.

So, any data on the relative environmental impact of materials/wastes and
the methods of handling these substances would be very helpful to us and I
would appreciate any data that people can send our way.

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI 
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