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[GreenYes] Support Needed To Oppose Major Threat To Recycling By WMI

    The Grassroots Recycling Network has organized a 
coalition, The Coalition to Oppose Attacks on Recycling 
in America, to oppose a proposal supported by Waste 
Management to turn back the clock on recycling in 
Illinois.  As a trial balloon, what happens in Peoria has 
enormous implications for recyclers everywhere.

    In summary, the proposal that Waste Management is 
advocating would repeal the state's ban on landfilling of 
yard trimmings for five years as, ostensibly, a "test".

    In reality, because such a large portion of current 
recovery efforts come from the diversion of yard 
trimmings, the company's proposal can be seen for what 
it is: a wholesale attack on recycling in America in order 
to increase waste flows to its landfills. For more details 
on the technical arguments, see

    The current members of the Coalition include: Friends 
of the Earth, Sierra Club Illinois Chapter, Natural 
Resources Defense Council, U.S. Composting Council, 
Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Peoria Area Green 
Party, Peoria Environmental Action, Eco-Cycle (Boulder 
CO), Ecology Center (Ann Arbor MI), and St. Paul 
Neighborhood Coalition (St. Paul MN). 

    The next major event in this battle will be a meeting of 
the Peoria County Board this Thursday, January 10th. If 
your organization or company would like to be listed as 
part of the Coalition opposing the repeal of Illiniois' yard 
ban, email  and state the 
name of the organization and the contact name, including 
address, phone, fax and email.

    Please get back to me by Wednesday, January 9th.

/Bill Sheehan

Bill Sheehan
Executive Director
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens, GA  30604-9283
Tel: 706-613-7121  Fax: -7123

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