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[GreenYes] Re: Pepsi: Beverage Container Waste
Dear Ms. Palmer,

Thanks for your reply, although it is seemingly identical to that mailed to others who I've corresponded with who have written your CEO...

I am heartened to hear that there has not a change in the recycled content of Gatorade bottles, and that there are no plans to do so.   As the manager of Corporate Information, I'd advise you to make a public statement for the media to cover, to help to quell the rumors which are swirling on this.   You may also want to inform your supplier Continental PET about this, since they apparently believe otherwise...

I'd also like to address your comments about Pepsi's support for EPA's Solid Waste heirarchy...Soft drink containers are indeed a highly recycled consumer packaging material; this feat has been accomplished largely by the 10 states who have a beverage container deposit law, and by the hard work of municipal, county and State recycling program managers who try to get the residentially consumed containers in non "bottle bill" states.

Why has PepsiCo, though its actions and its support of its trade association, the NSDA, fought so hard against deposits??  

Deposits, in encouraging high return rates for containers which can then be recycled, also provide a mechanism for REUSE. 

You mention that the widespread REUSE of glass containers has saved millions of pounds of materials and energy.   Unfortuately, your company no longer provides any meaningful amount of reusable containers here in the US.   Your bottlers used to collect a voluntary deposit to encourage the return of glass containers.   Why did you abandon this system for one which does not save millions of pounds of materials and energy??

How, exactly, does PepsiCo "promote" the use of recycled plastic bottles for carpet, car parts and so forth?   What affirmative steps do you take to do this??   Your response could, cynically, be interpreted as though you are passively taking advantage of the hard work of other industries in creating these "active markets", while not doing anything to help create new markets yourself in the containers your products are packaged in...recycled content in PET soda bottles in not new technology, and is widespread in other countries...Coke is now using 10% of its old US packages in bottles for new product here...why can't Pepsi just buy from their supplier??

I am interested in your reply.

Thank you.

Peter Pasterz

>>> "Palmer, Elaine {PEP}" <> 12/28/01 10:31AM >>>
> Dear Mr. Pasterz:
> Thank you for your e-mail/letter concerning Gatorade bottles, and the use
> of recycled plastic.  We appreciate the opportunity to set the record
> straight: There has not been any change in Gatorade's use of recycled
> content in its plastic bottles.  
> In respect to your comments regarding the soft drink market, I'd like to
> share a little of our perspective.  
> PepsiCo has a strong history of leadership in conserving the world's
> resources.  In the case of soft drink containers, our operations follow
> U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's recommendations to "Reduce, Reuse &
> Recycle." In fact, soft drink bottles and cans remain the most recycled
> consumer packaging in the United States.  Source reduction programs--
> using less in the first place-- have dramatically reduced our use of
> materials.  Widespread reuse of aluminum cans and glass bottles has saved
> millions of pounds of materials and energy. We are still seeking a plastic
> bottle with recycled content that is more economical and sustainable.  
> Currently, we promote the use of collected plastic soft drink bottles for
> uses such as making carpets, fiber, automotive parts, strapping and
> non-food bottles; and there is an active market for these products.
> Finally, we continue to review use of recycled plastic in our bottles and
> have no plans at this time to change the Gatorade bottle. 
> Sincerely,
> Elaine Palmer
> Manager Corporate Information

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