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RE: [GreenYes] Atwater Prison electronic recycling - Modesto Bee Article
The Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District, in Southwestern Ohio, used Unicor as its contractor for a residential/business computer collection event held during the summer of 2001.  They are one of two correctional related organizations, here in Ohio, providing these types of services - the other is the Ohio Prison Industries.   Unicor did seem to have some issues with being able to take as much equipment as we wanted to provide - but we worked through those issues with them.
Without the services of these organizations, most of the communities in Ohio would be at a loss for sufficient capacity/infrastructure for dealing with this issue.  We currently have a few things in the works with regard to market development and bringing the private sector more into the loop.  Maybe, in the end, that will prove to be the most sustainable system.  But until that happens these organizations are filling a signifcant void and, thus far - all things considered, doing it fairly well.
Jeffrey W. Aluotto, Manager
Hamilton County Solid Waste
Management District
250 William Howard Taft Road
Cincinnati, OH  45219
513-946-7719 ph
513-946-7779 fx


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