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Re: RE:[GreenYes] Fw: [USCC] Make your voice heard supporting composting!
   Mike were are you going to get that fuel to run the fuel cell?  You still need fuel! Yes there are methane fuel cells.  And you can break down methane to the essentials HYDROGEN.  Methane has lots of it and you can store methane or other gases MORE safely then hydrogen.   Hydrogen being the smallest element is exstremely hard to store because it can go through steel, the atom gaps are that large, and it causes steel to became brittle, NOT GOOD!   You can even run your car on methane. 
   Yes you can have and make your own personal methane digester, but I much rather see them on the farms and city waste facilities.  We need to look at all sources to supply our energy needs, its and absolute waste if we do not. 

Bruce Arkwright,Jr.
Erie's Efficiency & Solar Society

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