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RE:[GreenYes] Fw: [USCC] Make your voice heard supporting composting!
Methane Digesters do have there place... like on ALL farms with animals and we can do the same with the human waste process.  All that waste advertently ends up in our streams and cause havoc with the water supplies.  Its a shame we do not use this resource (methane) to heat our homes with or make electricity and not totally rely on finding natural gas (we always seam to be in short supply when winter comes along and the cost goes up)or buy foreign oil.  If any one of you know the process it takes to find and drill you know the environmental hazards and destruction involved.   Why do we not Make our own fuel and responsibly deal with the garbage and waste we make at the same time.  We should be pushing for more of these plants (I said plants not landfills) and compost all that do not go to the plants and be more foreign oil independent too.

Bruce Arkwright, Jr
Erie's Efficiency & Solar Society

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