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[GreenYes] Dole on GE foods
I asked Dole if they used genetically engineered ingredients and thisd is what they had to say. For a complete list of GE foods, go to Please do not buy Dole and let them know we do not want to eat genetically engineered frankenfood! 

Dear Ms. King:

Thank you for contacting us.

Dole recognizes the potential of gene technology to improve the quality and
nutritional value of food crops and to improve the quality of the
environment by reducing the use of agrochemicals. Dole also understands and
respects the rights of consumers to choose whether the food they eat is
derived from genetic engineering or from conventional plant breeding

Dole supports responsible application gene technology for research and for
commercial food production when consumer safety and protection of the
environment have been scientifically confirmed. When genetically modified
foods or ingredients are accepted by the public and permitted by law, Dole
will consider marketing such food.

It is Dole's policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations,
including those addressing the labeling of foods in general.

We appreciate having the opportunity to respond to your concern and hope we
may continue to serve you as a consumer of our products.


Consumer Response Staff
Consumer Center
Dole Food Company, Inc.


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