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Re: [GreenYes] household batteries help
Very few HH batteries now have heavy metals -- at least not new ones  They 
must be mercury-free; there are a few small sealed lead acid -- like in the 
backup for the computers  they can be sent to the same retailers as 
Call RBRC.

At 09:52 PM 11/23/01 -0600, Heidi Swets wrote:
>Greetings.  I wonder if anyone could suggest to me a source of information
>on recycling just plain ol' single-use, household batteries--not the
>rechargeable kind. I am repeatedly asked why there are no recycling
>programs for them.  The implication is, if car batteries and rechargeables
>are recyclable, why not the disposables, which surely have, in their
>cumulative number, a sizeable quantity of useful lead in them.  If anyone
>knows of markets for them, or communities that do have a collection program
>for them, I'd like to know.  I am in NE Iowa; we run a voluntary drop off
>recycling program for a primarily rural county of roughly 21,000.  We'd
>like to start something here.
>Thanks much,
>Heidi Swets
>Spectrum Industries Recycling
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Michele Raymond
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