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[GreenYes] household batteries help
Greetings.  I wonder if anyone could suggest to me a source of information
on recycling just plain ol' single-use, household batteries--not the
rechargeable kind. I am repeatedly asked why there are no recycling
programs for them.  The implication is, if car batteries and rechargeables
are recyclable, why not the disposables, which surely have, in their
cumulative number, a sizeable quantity of useful lead in them.  If anyone
knows of markets for them, or communities that do have a collection program
for them, I'd like to know.  I am in NE Iowa; we run a voluntary drop off
recycling program for a primarily rural county of roughly 21,000.  We'd
like to start something here.

Thanks much,
Heidi Swets
Spectrum Industries Recycling

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