Re: [GRRN] Enclosed Composting Facility

From: Ann Schneider (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 17:34:13 EDT

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    Hi Dion:

    I have forwarded your request to Calif. Resource Recovery Assoc.'s Calif.
    Organic Recycling Council and to the Calif. Recycling Market Development
    Zone Association. Both should be able to direct you to a number of
    successful large scale composting facilities in Calif. and more
    specifically in Southern California.

    Have you contacted the Calif. Integrated Waste Management Board, either
    their composting staff or their market development staff. I also cc'd
    one of their composting staff to this email too in the hopes that they
    can help you.

    Ann Schneider
    Boardmember, CRRA
    Mtn. View, CA

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    Does anyone know of a successful large-scale enclosed composting
    operation? I've been asked by a city if such a thing exists. They are
    trying to locate a facility and are having neighbor problems. Some one
    suggested the idea of an enclosed facility as a way to avoid sight and
    smell. Any assistance would be appreceiated.

      - Dion

    Dion Jackson
    Project Manager
    USC Center for Economic Development
    (213) 740-6868
    FAX (213) 740-0373

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