[GRRN] How to recycle Tyvek envelopes

From: Stephanie C. Davis (ScD18@WasteReductionRemedies.com)
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 17:26:18 EDT

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    Send the right message to the environment by recycling all of your used
    Tyvek® envelopes.
    DuPont has set the recycling infrastructure in place. There are many ways to

    FOR SMALL QUANTITIES (less than 25 envelopes/month)
    Turn any Tyvek envelope inside out, so the unprinted white surface shows on
    the outside. Stuff the inside-out Tyvek envelope with other used
    Tyvek envelopes for recycling.
    Call 1-800-44-Tyvek for a pre-printed address label or address and mail the
    envelope to:

    Dave Welch - Tyvek Recycling Specialist
    CRP-Bldg. 705
    974 Centre Road
    Wilmington, DE 19805-0705

    FOR MEDIUM QUANTITIES (more than 25 but less than 500 envelopes/month)
    Call 1-800-44-Tyvek and ask about our pouch program for recycling Tyvek
    envelopes. Each pouch holds approximately 200 envelopes. Collect your
    envelopes in the pouch and then forward them to a regional recycler --
    address label provided.

    FOR LARGER QUANTITIES (more than 500 envelopes/month)
    Contact Dave Welch, Tyvek Recycling Specialist, at 1-800-222-5676 to have a
    custom program set up for you that works with local recyclers in your

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    Tyvek is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of spunbonded olefin.
    Only DuPont makes Tyvek®.


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