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[GreenYes] Register Now for Zero Waste Workshop in Boston, 11/20/08

Apologies for Cross-Postings - Please forward to colleagues who might be interested.

Register Now for Class on
Cooling the Planet with Zero Waste
November 20, 2008, Boston, MA

Zero Waste Businesses are leading the way for Zero Waste and have diverted over 90% of their waste from landfill and incineration.  Zero Waste Communities have adopted Zero Waste goals and plans to implement those goals. Join us to understand how Zero Waste can be a key part of community and business sustainability plans and help contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and global cooling.  By attending this class, participants will be better able to:
  • Provide innovative incentives and "new rules" to eliminate waste and focus on reuse
  • Understand why Zero Waste does not include incineration
  • Develop Extended Producer Responsibility and procurement policies
  • Support expanding infrastructure needed to achieve Zero Waste (e.g., more reuse, recycling and composting services and development of new Resource Recovery Parks).
Right now the MassDEP is updating its Solid Waste Master Plan, and the process will continue into 2009. Waste-to-energy proponents and Massachusetts environmental groups are in sharp disagreement about whether or not incineration, including new "conversion technologies," has a place in the new plan. As this is a critical issue for the Commonwealth, in terms of both environmental and economic sustainability, learn why incineration should not be included as part of the adoption of a Zero Waste goal and what the alternatives are.

To register, follow the prompts at:


Intro to Zero Waste
  • Definition of Zero Waste
  • Connections between Zero Waste and Climate Change
  • Connections between Zero Waste and energy issues
  • Communities that have adopted Zero Waste as a goal
  • Zero Waste Businesses that divert over 90% of their waste from landfills or incinerators
Intro to Zero Waste Businesses
  • Zero Waste Business Principles
  • Model Zero Waste Businesses
Intro to Zero Waste Communities
  • Sample Zero Waste Resolution
  • Sample Zero Waste Community Plans
  • Sample Zero Waste Goals and Objectives
Developing Zero Waste Community Plans
  • Service Opportunities Analyses
  • Commodities Analysis, Economics & Jobs
  • Menu of Incentives and Policies
  • Environmental Benefits of Zero Waste for Communities (WARM Model)
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Zero Waste Infrastructure (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling and Composting)
  • Resource Recovery Parks
  • Public Participation Processes
In class, students will break into groups. Each group will share their experience with Zero Waste at their business or community. The group will choose one example and develop a Zero Waste Plan for that example.  Each group will then present their Plan to the rest of the class.  The class will discuss the team presentations. 
We will email participants a list of URLs of Zero Waste websites and will ask participants to review and comment on those as part of the class.  We will show sample documents in class, including Zero Waste Business Principles, Zero Waste Community Strategies and Plans, Sample Resource Recovery Park designs and useful references on Extended Producer Responsibility.

To register, follow the prompts at:

Date: November 20, 2008
Location: Room 101 of the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115; (617) 954-2000;
Time: Registration 12 noon - 12:30 pm
Instruction: 12:30 - 5 pm

Gary Liss will teach this workshop. Mr. Liss has over 35 years of experience in solid waste and recycling.  Gary Liss is a leading advocate of Zero Waste and has helped more communities develop Zero Waste plans than anyone else in the United States. Mr. Liss is a special Zero Waste advisor to the GrassRoots Recycling Network ( and Earth Resource Foundation  ( and a leader of ZERI  ( in the U.S.

For GRRN, Mr. Liss has documented Zero Waste Businesses , developed Zero Waste Business Principles  and helped organize Zero In on Zero Waste business conferences.  He helped write Zero Waste Plans for: Del Norte County, CA; Nelson, British Columbia; Telluride, CO; Palo Alto, CA ; and Oakland, CA .  He is now working on drafting Zero Waste Plans for the cities of Los Angeles , San Jose and Austin, TX  and helping to implement Zero Waste Plans in Central Vermont and Burbank, CA.

Gary Liss is now President of Gary Liss & Associates,  a Zero Waste consulting firm outside of Sacramento, CA ( ). He was a founder and past President of the National Recycling Coalition  and was Solid Waste Manager for the City of San Jose, CA.  In San Jose, Mr. Liss developed their recycling programs into national models, which are currently diverting 62% of the overall waste stream.

Mr. Liss is on the Planning Group for the Zero Waste International Alliance  ( and on the Sierra Club national Zero Waste Committee
( He is also one of the founders of the California Sustainable Business Council ( and the Zero Waste for Global Cooling Coalition.  In 2005, the Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives  certified Mr. Liss as a ZERI Systems Designer.  Also in 2005, Mr. Liss was recognized for his leadership by being selected as the CRRA  Recycler of the Year.

Recycling & Resource Management Professional Certification
This workshop is part of a program aimed at training and certifying recycling and resource management professionals by the California Resource Recovery Association. This is the first of six workshop series which will be held in 2008.  For a full list of all future trainings, visit CRRA Certification calendar at: For more information about this Certification Program, go to:

$100 per person + $15 per person for certificate (optional)

To register, follow the prompts at:

Individuals enrolled in the certification program and who complete a test, will receive a certificate of completion for each course. For more information and to enroll in the certification program, View details of certification

Join CRRA Mailing List!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is one of a series of classes offered as part of the CRRA Certification Program.  For a full list of all future trainings, visit CRRA Certification calendar .

These workshops are available in part due to a Grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Special thanks to the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority for their hosting of this event, and to Adam Mitchell of Save That Stuff, Inc., Amy Perlmutter of Perlmutter Associates and Lynne Pledger of the Sierra Club for their assistance in organizing and promoting this event.

California Resource Recovery Association | PO Box 607 | Clovis | CA | 93613-0607

Gary Liss & Associates  
Fax: 916-652-0485

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