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[GreenYes] Strategy versus goal

In terms of Rick Anthony's submittal, it looks like my previous message was either poorly presented on my part or misunderstood by Rick.  The political realities in Oregon are such that one important strategy to get to what we all want (zero beverage container waste) is to adopt a fairly progressive goal, attain it, and then ramp it up in steps, just like one does when going on a successful diet.  Plus, we will seek to double the deposit value, which is a proven way to boost redemption (California showed this).  I'm talking about politically viable ways to attain zero waste, not about setting a goal, which is superfulous to the debate here.  Action is what is required.
Readers should note that of the 11 deposit programs in the U.S., California has the lowest redemption rate.  California has to do better if they are to attain a zero-beverage-waste goal.   And the sorry truth is that Oregon is only in the mid-range in terms of redemption success, and we too want to do better in order to reach the same goal.
In conclusion, we need to focus more on strategies.  Using a stair-step approach is one potential technique.        
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