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[GreenYes] markets for new recycling program in Pakistan

Title: [GreenYes] markets for new recycling program in Pakistan

Dear GRRNers,

A colleague of ours, Nora Murad, is exploring the possibility of starting an
income-generation recycling program in Palestine. Metals are already
salvaged and sold through the informal sector. She is looking at
establishing a program for plastics, paper and/or other materials. They want
to do the right thing environmentally, but the focus is income generation,
not designing a comprehensive waste management system (that, unfortunately,
is still far down the road). She is looking for advice,
and would appreciate whatever ideas you have. In particular, she is trying
to figure out if this idea even makes sense.

She comments:
> Despite great effort, I've been unable to get answers to the two
(relatively simple) questions that I >need answers to in order to determine
if I should even do a feasibility study: 1) to whom do I sell >(in China, I
suppose) the plastic and how much can I sell it for?, and 2) if we were to
recycle it >(ie. build a factory), what is the process and equipment
required and what would the capital >investment be? Answers to these
questions would tell me if there is any profit for us to collect and >sell
or collect and recycle PET.

If you have suggestions, it would be great if you could please reply
directly to Nora Murad <noralestermurad@no.address> and cc: Neil Tangri
<neil@no.address> -- neither is on the GRRN list.



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