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[GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?

For any list readers who can get to Seattle, there's a store here, Goods for the Planet, that carries those wonderful ToGoWare products for less than the company's own online price! Here's the contact info:
Happy sustainable eating!

Jonathan Betz-Zall          
Seattle, Washington, USA            
"Try kindness first."

--- On Sat, 8/2/08, Liz <alchemicalnursery@no.address> wrote:

> From: Liz <alchemicalnursery@no.address>
> Subject: [GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?
> To: "GreenYes" <GreenYes@no.address>
> Date: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 8:44 AM
> Maybe in addition there can be a discount if people bring
> their own
> containers and mugs. Ideally, people will begin carrying
> containers
> with them on a daily basis for restaurants, take out,
> whathaveyou.
> Then the businesses don't have to worry about supplying
> anything, and
> the individual is responsible for cleaning their
> containers.
> The "ToGoWare" stainless steel food carrier
> (
> store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=4) is a great example
> of what people
> could be carrying around with them. I carry tupperwares and
> my own
> glass mason jars with me for beverages and food at
> restaurants and
> cafes around where I live - although most of the people
> know me there
> and so it is not a problem. Not sure if most restaurant
> workers are
> ready to fill someone's own container with food or
> drink as opposed to
> their own take out containers, either because it is simply
> not the
> standard MO and they are afraid that their manager might
> not approve
> of them going against the usual routine, or for possible
> health code
> concerns.
> Anyhow that's my two cents. I found this neat blog at
> Reminds me a bit of what I was trying to do with my own
> blog at
> which is sadly
> neglected. :(
> I have been doing my own "zero waste" experiment
> by not putting
> anything out on the curb. Not even recyclables. Been about
> 6 months
> now. Things are definitely starting to pile up, but I have
> ideas for
> what I could do with the small amount of plastic waste I
> end up with
> (all washed of course). As for the recyclables, I have
> different ideas
> as well. Although rather than consume and try to figure out
> how to
> deal with the left over stuff, I try to just not get the
> stuff in the
> first place. Which is really hard! A jar of mustard, a
> block of cheese
> wrapped in plastic, a pint of blueberries, etc. There's
> always a
> container or some sort of (usually plastic or glass)
> container to go
> along with it.
> I suppose the solution is to make most of all your own food
> using bulk
> goods... Have your goats in the backyard and make your own
> cheese.
> Etc. Sustain yourself with what you need rather than
> consume.
> I do have an idea for all the glass bottles I have been
> amassing (I am
> a guilty consumer of GT's bottled Kombucha). I have
> been brewing my
> own kombucha for a while and have a nice array of beautiful
> scobies,
> so I am interested in using my glass bottle collection for
> a second
> fermentation - decanting the fermented kombucha tea into
> the bottles
> with some fresh juice, and then capping it for another
> couple of
> days.
> Word
> Liz
> The Alchemical Nursery Project


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