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[GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?

Maybe in addition there can be a discount if people bring their own
containers and mugs. Ideally, people will begin carrying containers
with them on a daily basis for restaurants, take out, whathaveyou.
Then the businesses don't have to worry about supplying anything, and
the individual is responsible for cleaning their containers.

The "ToGoWare" stainless steel food carrier (
store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=4) is a great example of what people
could be carrying around with them. I carry tupperwares and my own
glass mason jars with me for beverages and food at restaurants and
cafes around where I live - although most of the people know me there
and so it is not a problem. Not sure if most restaurant workers are
ready to fill someone's own container with food or drink as opposed to
their own take out containers, either because it is simply not the
standard MO and they are afraid that their manager might not approve
of them going against the usual routine, or for possible health code

Anyhow that's my two cents. I found this neat blog at

Reminds me a bit of what I was trying to do with my own blog at which is sadly neglected. :(

I have been doing my own "zero waste" experiment by not putting
anything out on the curb. Not even recyclables. Been about 6 months
now. Things are definitely starting to pile up, but I have ideas for
what I could do with the small amount of plastic waste I end up with
(all washed of course). As for the recyclables, I have different ideas
as well. Although rather than consume and try to figure out how to
deal with the left over stuff, I try to just not get the stuff in the
first place. Which is really hard! A jar of mustard, a block of cheese
wrapped in plastic, a pint of blueberries, etc. There's always a
container or some sort of (usually plastic or glass) container to go
along with it.

I suppose the solution is to make most of all your own food using bulk
goods... Have your goats in the backyard and make your own cheese.
Etc. Sustain yourself with what you need rather than consume.

I do have an idea for all the glass bottles I have been amassing (I am
a guilty consumer of GT's bottled Kombucha). I have been brewing my
own kombucha for a while and have a nice array of beautiful scobies,
so I am interested in using my glass bottle collection for a second
fermentation - decanting the fermented kombucha tea into the bottles
with some fresh juice, and then capping it for another couple of

The Alchemical Nursery Project
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