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[GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Stadiums?

There is a way to encourage sports fans to buy F&B receptacles if they
are sold at the stadiums as souvenirs.

Let me start from my experience from years helping out at the Asian
Aerospace Show in Singapore for my former company. The company gave
away beer mugs as souvenirs with logos of the company and the
aerospace event printed on each sides of the mugs. As the event occurs
every two years, customers enjoy collecting them as the year of the
event is printed with the aerospace event.

The same idea can be adapted for stadiums anywhere in the world.
Encourage sports fans to buy cups or beer mugs or food containers sold
at the stadium. Call it the "Be Sporting Green" programme. The price
for these F&B containers can be reduced by getting sponsors to
advertise on one side of the mugs along with that of the sporting

Owners of these F&B containers can be encouraged to use them by
offering them discounts at outlets when they buy their drinks or food
with them; not only at the stadium but also at participating outlets
in the country. Since the stadium do not have to engage more staff to
sort or pick up recyclables F&B containers from waste, the savings can
allow them to consider reducing rentals space of F&B outlets in the
facility to encourage owners to participate in the programme.

Set up a dish washing station in the stadium so that customers can opt
to wash their containers at this station if they do not want to carry
dirty containers with them. Should they be charged for this service or
can this be factored into the purchase of tickets, containers or food
through vouchers given out? The message to project with this dish
washing station is "Wash only when full". So, instead of waiting for
the cleaning process to start or finish, customers will be given a
clean set on hand.

If that is not a good option, then a special bag made of drip proof
and washable material will have to be given out to customers who buy
the F&B containers. Make it free by getting sponsors to supply them as
a green initiative.

To go one step further, create a website to sell these F&B containers
from previous years. If customers know that what they bought from a
stadium they have been to a few years back can become collectors' item
they would keep them with more care. If this idea catch on globally,
they can also exchange what they have with sport fans worldwide. This
should eliminate the fear that these F&B containers will end up in

I am sure this can work if it is a nationwide project.


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