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[GreenYes] Re: Markets and Idealism vs. False Recycling

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Markets and Idealism vs. False Recycling

Adopt an ordinance establishing clear guidelines as to how the waste streams
and recyclables are to be handled and require monthly or quarterly reports
by the registered/franchised/contracted collection companies (haulers) and

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Municipal Program Reps:

Would you encourage the practice of haulers who tell their clients:

"Just throw all of your [insert commodity, e.g. plastic] in the bin,
we'll sort it out when it gets here."

I am **NOT** talking about singlestream practices.

I am speaking of the practice of advising all tenants/visitors/
employees of a facility to throw all plastics (for example) into the
proper receptacle because the [dirty?] MRF is going to sift out what
it wants later.

In this region, narrow-necked 1s and 2s are the market standard.

Practically or philosophically, what happens when the end-user is lead
to believe s/he is recycling much more than the MRF is actually able
to market.

If the MRF actually holds items long enough to collect them in bulk
from multiple haulers' routes... this _is_ what we want.

If the MRF is landfilling the majority of plastic collected from
consumers tossing *everything*...
I don't like the idea of receptacles for "false" recycling.

Any thoughts on the role of a municipality?

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