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[GreenYes] INFO--WM at Disney!

Wow!  What high-tech greenwash!  We've got a way to go with our Organics out of Landfill efforts!

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January 29, 2008

Waste Management Launches Green Consumer Website

Waste Management launched, a marketing campaign that includes an interactive Website that shows consumers how to manage the four-and-a-half pounds of waste the average citizen generates each day. features a landfill tour in three dimensions and touts the ways in which Waste Management reduces, reuses, recycles and recovers the resources that are in waste.

The Website is part of the company’s Think Green campaign. Next month, another component will be launched at Innoventions at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort. Visitors will have the opportunity to virtually experience the operations on a single-stream recycling line, feed the boiler at a waste-to-energy facility and run the bulldozer at a landfill in a hands-on, interactive exhibit called “Don’t Waste It.”

Epcot is becoming a destination for companies that want to market their green initiatives. Last January, GM launched experiential campaigns to put potential buyers behind the wheels of their hybrid vehicles by raising the curtain on a new exhibit at Disney’s Epcot center.

Kendall Christiansen


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