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[GreenYes] Re: [reusablebags] polypropelene nonwoven fiber bags

At 01:19 PM 1/3/2008 -0700, you wrote:

Happy New Year, everyone&
Does anyone have info about recycling of polypropelene nonwoven fiber bags?  These have become very popular in stores in AZ.  The two giveaways I got fell apart very quickly at the stitching.  Since this material is a plastic, I am very concerned about what will happen to all these bags as they wear out.  A google search revealed little information.  The City of Phoenix says they are not recyclable.

Dear Anne and Colleagues--Sorry for the delay in  my response.  I am recovering from foot surgery and everything has slowed down for me.  I have consulted with the Wegmans Supermarket chain, our local, higher-end supermarkets.  They also dispense the 99 cent, non-woven poly bags.  I have seven and one had a defective seam, right away, and they replaced it immediately.  Most of the other larger chains in our area have followed suite and are selling the inexpensive non-woven poly bags as well.  Almost all (99.9 percent plus) of them are all made in China and most of them come to the US via a Canadian firm.  The firm listed below is the firm being used by the Wegmans chain.  The person I spoke with in their corporate headquarters, in Rochester, NY, said that they had very good success with this firm and that they are prompt, reliable, have good pricing, etc.  So I would check them out.  Take care and have a wonderful day.  Tom

P.S.:  We are still promoting the non-petro based reusable bags over poly bags, but there is a giant social/economic sustainability issue in that poor people can not afford the high-end $20-30 organic cotton bags, but they can afford the 99 cent non-woven polypropylene bags.  This is a very critical issue social justice issue.  We are also looking at the compostable, non-GMO corn polymer bags made by Biobags as an alternative to thin-HDPE bags when one-time use bags are still "needed", or perceived to be needed. 

Contact: stevenpatterson6@no.address
Suntex Plastics Corporation
Steven Patterson
125 East Merritt Island Cswy, Suite 209, PMB#314
Merritt Island, FL 32952
Phone: 321-455-6671 Fax: 321-459-1186 [A more recent phone # may be: 321-459-9879.]

I don't have a corporate Web site, but they are advertised in various trade Web sites, such as:

Tom Shelley
118 E. Court St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
607 342-0864
P I thank you for printing this e-mail only if it is necessary

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The World Commission on Environment and Development,
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Our Common Future, Oxford University Press, 1987

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