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[GreenYes] Product stewardship for fluorescetns

Hi all ~

I just got this letter this morning and thought that you might like to see it in reference to our discussion of fluorescents.

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May 8, 2007

Dear Colleagues:

There is a growing interest among state and regional/local governments in the creation of a nationwide system to collect and recycle fluorescent lamps. I am writing to solicit your support and possible financial contribution to develop a sustainable product stewardship solution to this problem.

This issue has gained national attention recently with the push for residential use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) as a way to address climate change, and the anticipation of a large increase of CFLs in the waste stream. Local and regional governments alone cannot afford to develop and maintain an infrastructure and collection system that adequately serves their area residents and businesses. Our local household hazardous waste program, which serves a population of approximately 150,000, spent over $21,000 last year in fluorescent lamp recycling, making this waste stream the second most expensive in our hazardous waste program. The most effective and sustainable collection system for discarded fluorescent lamps includes active retailer and manufacturer participation in the financing and collection of their products.

Several state and local agencies concerned about fluorescent lamp management have asked for the Product Stewardship Institute's (PSI) assistance in exploring an industry-funded take-back system for fluorescent bulbs. PSI is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that all those involved in the lifecycle of a product share responsibility for reducing its environmental impacts. The Chittenden Solid Waste District, as well as King County WA, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Metro Regional Government have committed funds enabling PSI to conduct research and stakeholder interviews that will lay the groundwork for face-to-face meetings with the EPA, fluorescent lamp manufacturers, lamp recyclers, retailers, environmental groups, and other key participants. PSI has already initiated collaborative discussions with other organizations working on this issue. Our goal is to develop a national and sustainable solution that will not rely on government funding to manage these products.

PSI has demonstrated a unique ability to engage stakeholders, including manufacturers and retailers, in productive dialogues with government officials on other products, including mercury thermostats, paint, and electronics. These dialogues have resulted in significant industry-funded initiatives.

If your agency is interested in participating in these discussions and/or can assist with funding, please contact Scott Cassel, PSI's Executive Director, at PSI (617) 236-4855, or scott@no.address

Thank you for your consideration,

Jen Holliday

Environmental & Safety Compliance Manager

PSI Board Member

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