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[GreenYes] Re: Getting Haulers to Recycle More

The Capitalist Econometric Growth Model judges their success by the amount of trash that they generate.

Workin' for peace and cooperation,

Mike Morin
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If the haulers cannot get their customers to recycle, a good way to get around it is through the church or any non profit organization as they are always looking for ways to raise funds. Eg, if a religious body is able to encourage their members to collect and bring recyclable waste at least once a month for the purpose of raising fund there should be some responses. The haulers can be there to collect the recyclable waste and pass out educational material on recycling.

This is how members of the following religious body is raising fund in our neighbourhood. They get a good deal from a recycling firm and volunteer to sort recyclable waste delivered by residents to a designated park in the neighbourhood every 3rd Sunday of the month.


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>Gretchen -- Wisconsin has long had a requirement on its books that licensed
>waste haulers must comply with the statutory prohibitions on land disposal of
>items ranging from lead-acid batteries, waste oil, yard waste and major
>appliances (absolute bans) to newspaper, cardboard, magazines, office paper,
>tires, and bottles and cans (except for incidental amounts originating from a
>region with an effective recycling program). Relevant statute is s. 287.07,
>Wis. Stats.:
>In addition, Wisconsin recently instituted a rule requiring licensed waste
>haulers to notify their customers in writing at the time services begin, and at
>least once per year therafter, of the need to comply with state and local laws
>requiring all residential and commercial generators to recycle. We have
>enforced this requirement in several instances where notification was not being
>made. Haulers are also required by law to provide municipalities with weights
>of recyclable materials collected from that municipality, maintain the
>separation and cleanliness of collected recyclables, and produce documentation
>that collected recyclables have been delivered to brokers, processors or end
>users upon request by the Department. Haulers are NOT required, currently, to
>"police" their customers by examining waste loads and enforcing the recycling
>rules on their clients. (In general, they won't pick up a major appliance
>because they know the landfill will refuse disposal. Unfortunately, the same
>can't be said about a load with a lot of cardboard or beverage containers.)
>The hauler rules are at s. NR 502.06, Wisconsin Administrative Code:
>Brad Wolbert - Hydrogeologist
>Wisconsin DNR
>At 10:17 AM 3/1/2007, Brewer, Gretchen (DEP) wrote:
>MassDEP is conducting a brief informal survey of states, counties and
>municipalities that regulate, permit, or have voluntary agreements with solid
>waste and recycling haulers aimed at getting haulers and their customers,
>especially commercial generators, to recycle more. What are the requirements or
>choices haulers have within these models relative to: outreach and education to
>customers on recycling requirements; providing incentives (such as rebates and
>revenue/profit sharing based on commodity sales); reporting to customers and/or
>agencies on amounts recycled, composted, or trashed; providing recycling
>services (such as parallel access); and any other thoughts. We are currently
>working on exploring the possibility of a voluntary certification program for
>haulers and these examples would be helpful for us. Thanks.
>Gretchen Brewer
>Bureau of Waste Prevention
>Planning & Evaluation
>One Winter St, 8 fl
>Boston, MA 02108

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