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[GreenYes] Re: Getting Haulers to Recycle More


It seems like we are making it more difficult to dispose of trash, yet
we are enticed into consuming more. It's accelerated at both ends. The
more complicated trash removal becomes, the more likely people will
simply open their windows and dump out the trash. I've seen this
happen, really, as I was the first person in my family born outside of
West Virginia.

It is interesting to now have a recycle can three times larger than
the trash can, and I'm sure some people out there are applauding
someone over that move. But I'll tell you that it's really just like
several band-aids covering a dangerous cancer. The truth is that it
doesn't really matter what goes in the blue can and what goes in the
black can - as nobody is checking them, and even then the contents of
both cans end up in the same spot. I've spent a lot of time hanging
out at the transfer station just to see what happens. Everything,
everything ends up in a pile.

I think the problems we are encountering (on Earth) have more to do
with sex than anything else. Trash and Global Warming, there is
absolutely no solution as long as we continue to reproduce as we have
been. And of course it's been going on. From the first US census,
about two hundred years ago (1790), it took fifty years to make one
million humans in this country, and now we are over three hundred
million - and growing at about fifteen million per year. And of course
our reproduction is accelerating.

And in this country there is a large amount of recreational sex - in
other countries the sex is much more business-like with the aim at

I'm really, really worried about one thousand years from now, if we
make it that far. We could end up billions of naked humans all packed
together, millimeters apart, releasing plumes of methane like the
cattle along interstate 5 in California.

The Earth has supposedly been here for millions of years, yet our
Christian calendar is only a couple of thousand of years, and the
Epoch "new age" calendar much less, and of course that calendar is
only ever measured in seconds..... We've only been electrified for
about a hundred years, and that's when doom started to matter. Think
about it. The one human that has had the most positive effect on
civilization - ever - Mr. Edison - has also caused the most startling
negative effect on mankind. We can now all talk to one another,
without touching or seeing.

But I think the bottom line is that all these things we collect and
organize into various things, our consumables - they are all made of
elements that have always been here, we are all made of things that
did not merely appear out of the ether, we were always here in some
form. We're all about collecting, organizing and converting. Even if
we decide to gas ourselves with methane, or commit mass suicide,
killing en masse, as we are consciously heading toward - the Earth
will still be the same old bits and pieces it ever was.

Take care,

Waitman Gobble

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