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[GreenYes] Re: RecycleBank Videos

On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, Christa McDermott wrote:
> Is the RecycleBank idea only in practice in the greater phila. area?

No, they've got contracts and are operating in many places.

>> From what I can gather from the website, it seems as though people are
> rewarded for the amount they recycle - which is certainly an
> incentive. But what about *not producing* waste - recyclable or not?
> Being rewarded for filling up your recycling container could result in
> encouraging increasing consumption.

The amount of the reward and the levels of materials is not so great as to
encourage additional consumption. The better way to get increased reward
(which has a maximum anyways..) is to divert more waste. It's just a
fringe benefit, not a real motivation, however for some people it does
make the difference. It also helps to get people to think a little bit
harder each time they throw something out.

> Is there an incentive for reducing one's waste or routinely being under
> or close to a minimal amount? Wondering if this kind of system is in
> place anywhere or if it has been tried.... pardon my naivete!

Well it depends upon the differences in waste collection in the area. In
Philadelphia you can throw out as much as you would like -- you do not pay
by volume, by special or extra collection, or anything else. (Except in
your taxes, but people tend not to think about the breakdown in taxes vs.

Philadelphia's recycling rate is abysmal -- 4-6% depending upon who you
ask. It can (hopefully) only go up.


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