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[GreenYes] Re: RecycleBank Videos

Hi Christa

The incentive for reducing one's waste can be self generated. Eg, when
the kindergarten my children were in started charging us parents for the
costumes to be used for concerts they organised for the children, there
was an outcry. They are aware that costumes they have to pay for will
not likely be appropriate for street wear.

In one of the theme songs, the children have to dressed up to look like
parrots. I managed to design and created a costume out of old shopping
bags. I do not have a picture of that but I have another example at the
link below:

What we should do is to find ways to make use of stuff that are no
longer use, eg, overgrown old toys children, clothes, etc. I have some
examples in the following link:

I also created a dog scoop out of plastic bottle.

If one can find a purpose for recycling that can become the incentive to
reduce waste. In my case, it was to reduce cost of raising my children
and the desire to inspire them to keep the environment green. I also
enjoy the opportunity to explore my creativity and look into ways a
business can be created out of waste material. I hope to be able to
share more about it on my GreenBeing Nancy blogspot.


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>From: Christa McDermott [xstamcd@no.address]
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>Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Re: RecycleBank Videos
>A couple questions about the RecycleBank idea....
>Is the RecycleBank idea only in practice in the greater phila. area?
>>From what I can gather from the website, it seems as though people are
>rewarded for the amount they recycle - which is certainly an
>incentive. But what about *not producing* waste - recyclable or not?
>Being rewarded for filling up your recycling container could result in
>encouraging increasing consumption. Is there an incentive for reducing
>one's waste or routinely being under or close to a minimal amount?
>Wondering if this kind of system is in place anywhere or if it has
>been tried.... pardon my naivete! I'm not currently involved in
>running recycling programs but am researching the psychology of
>different pro-environmental behaviors.
>Christa McDermott
>Doctoral Candidate
>Psychology & Women's Studies
>University of Michigan
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>On Mar 4, 9:25 am, David Biddle <Dbid...@no.address> wrote:
>> Maurice Sampson just alerted me to the fact that there are two short
>> RecycleBank clips now available on Youtube. Just go
>> and type ³RecycleBank² in the search box. I think we ought to get
Penn and
>> Teller out there to have a look...
>> db
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