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[GreenYes] Just a descussion on electronic waste or ewaste

I recycle electronics other than the mainstream computer and monitors
that has all of the hype in the industry.

What about?
Microwaves, radios, stereos, flashlights, hair dryers, curling irons,
telephones, calulators, typewriters, CB radios, car stereos, cd
players, dvd players, digital camera, video recorders and all of the
gizmos and gadgets that have an electronic board or circuit board in
them. Not much is talked about these types of waste.

Why can't Sony and others develop a take back programs on these types
of waste?

In the days we live in, companies are replacing the CRT's with new
flat screens. The problem is Flat screens do not last as long as a CRT
did. Life expectancy for a flat panel is 2-4 years or shorter and they
break. Ask any computer recycling center how many flat panels they
receive and the numbers are alarming. There is nothing that can be
done about this. As a whole, we as a people don't move backwards.
CRT's are out flat panels are in. CRT TV's will soon be gone and
replaced with flat screens.
Why don't the television companies have a take back program also? This
is area that I want to now about. I've been immersed in computer and
electronic recycling for 5 yrs now, and research a lot of different
avenues for proper disposal of electronics.

I will give out free advice, or try and point you in the right
direction and answer your questions.

There's an avenue for just about every thing. It's just figuring out
who takes what material.
I believe in networking in the ewaste field and I may not benefit from
what I say or whom I may refer you to. The point is ewaste is a global
problem and everyone is involved.

Ewaste Northwest
Milwaukie, OR

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