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Greetings all,

I would guess that many (most?) of the GreenYes subscribers know about
Rachel's Democracy & Health News, but if not, then you should. So here is a
brief description, and how you can connect with them. Of course, they run
on financial crumbs, so if you can, send em some bucks too.



Rachel's Democracy & Health News (formerly Rachel's Environment &
Health News) highlights the connections between issues that are
often considered separately or not at all.

The natural world is deteriorating and human health is declining
because those who make the important decisions aren't the ones who
bear the brunt. Our purpose is to connect the dots between human
health, the destruction of nature, the decline of community, the
rise of economic insecurity and inequalities, growing stress among
workers and families, and the crippling legacies of patriarchy,
intolerance, and racial injustice that allow us to be divided and
therefore ruled by the few.

In a democracy, there are no more fundamental questions than, "Who
gets to decide?" And, "How do the few control the many, and what
might be done about it?"

As you come across stories that might help people connect the dots,
please Email them to us at dhn@no.address

Rachel's Democracy & Health News is published as often as
necessary to provide readers with up-to-date coverage of the

Peter Montague - peter@no.address
Tim Montague - tim@no.address


To start your own free Email subscription to Rachel's Democracy
& Health News send any Email to: <mailto:rachel-subscribe@no.address>

In response, you will receive an Email asking you to confirm that
you want to subscribe.

To unsubscribe, send any Email to: <mailto:rachel-unsubscribe@no.address>


Environmental Research Foundation
P.O. Box 160, New Brunswick, N.J. 08903
<mailto:dhn@no.address> dhn@no.address

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