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[GreenYes] email cry for help from Ecuador

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From: zoltan strigan [mailto:zoltan_strigan@no.address]
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 2:16 PM

Phone: 593-2-292-1255


I live in Quito, Ecuador, which is as close to paradise one might get. In
fact all of Ecuador is unique. There is probably no other country like it in
the world. The climate is great, the people are wonderful, and there are
four very distinct climatic areas in the country. It is one of the few
travel secrets left in the world.

Unfortunately this paradise is slowly being destroyed by a few multinational
companies who have absolutely no regard for this fragile environment. These
global multinationals are like a plague of locusts that march across the
earth destroying and polluting without any regard for the natural beauty of
the countryside.

Several years ago companies such as COCA-COLA, PEPSI-COLA, INBEV (BECK'S

most of their beverages in non-returnable containers. The soft drink
manufacturers now produce a wide range of non-returnable plastic containers
of all their products.

The beer manufacturers also are now producing non-returnable drinks in
bottles and cans.

These products include soft drinks, bottled water, beer, fruit juice drinks
and energy drinks.

Unfortunately no where in Ecuador is there a refund law requiring these
multinational companies to accept responsibility for their irresponsible
marketing strategies.

Because of this total disregard for the environment and only their concern
for high profits, the country is literally becoming choked by the
non-returnable containers.

The garbage generated by these products is becoming a very serious problem.


These are not the only companies selling these non-returnable containers.
Included in this list are whiskey manufacturers such as Johnny Walker, Cutty
Sark, Chivas Regal, most of the California wine companies, Chilean wine
companies, Heineken Beer, Budweiser. etc.

All these companies are not allowed to carry on these type of irresponsible
marketing practices in North America or Europe, but because there is a lack
of laws in countries such as Ecuador, they do whatever they want and feel no
obligation to correct these criminal practices.

If you go to the web pages of these soft drink companies or liquor
companies, they all talk about their social responsibilities. Believe me
this is only a farce. Not only do they pollute the country side with their
products, they illegally sell to establishments that do not have permits to
sell liquor, they sell their products close to local high schools and

They also openly sponsor amateur and professional sports teams. Again, in
North America and in Europe this would not be permitted. What kind of
message are they sending to the youth that it is alright to mix alcohol with

I am asking your support to put pressure on these companies. I would like
you to first start a worldwide boycott of products manufactures by INBEV,

I would like you to start an email campaign sending a clear message to all
these companies that they cannot carry on with unacceptable marketing
practices such as they do in Ecuador.

The people and the country of Ecuador are no different than the people of
North America and Europe. We deserve to be treated with the same respect and

This country cannot be used as a personal dumping ground for these types of
multinational companies. If their marketing and sales practices are
unacceptable in North America and Europe, why should they be allowed to do
as they please in a small country such as Ecuador?

Finally, I would ask that you send this letter around the world to all
environmental groups, politicians, news media, and anyone who can pressure
these types of companies into permanently stopping these types of
environmentally destructive practices.

Thank you;

Zoltan S. Strigan


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