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[GreenYes] Re: Penn and Teller Recycling is B*llsh*t

Well, here?s at least one blog I ran across that swallowed it as



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Subject: [GreenYes] Penn and Teller Recycling is B*llsh*t

A few years back David Woods of GRRN told us about the Penn &
Teller ?Recycling is Bullshit? episode he was amply featured
in?along with Neil Seldman of ILSR. At the time most of us didn?t
respond to this notice and probably many folks never saw the
show. I certainly didn?t. However, in my research for a decent
and general recycling intro video I?ve found that ?Recycling is
Bullshit? is now available at GoogleVideo. I just played the
whole thing while working on an education plan for someone. It?s
enough to make you insane. So, if you?d like to feel a bit more
jaded than you already feel, and get really pissed off, and
listen to guys completely distort many of the basic arguments for
recycling right out the window, go check it out (address below).
When you get there, you should also check out ?Bullshit!
Environmental Hysteria.? It too is a trip through big, fat idiot
land. A note of caution for those of you with pristine ears,
there?s a good amount of colorful language.

P.S. As much as what Penn & Teller are doing is bizarre and
twisted, I couldn?t help chuckling whenever they just made
unquestioning, idiotic statements based on nothing but propaganda
and wishful thinking. It?s really an amusing little half-hour
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