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[GreenYes] Re: Penn and Teller Recycling is B*llsh*t

PS, I feel so bad for Neil and David, but at the same time I think they held
their own pretty well, all things considered. Penn & Teller need to be hit
up side the head.


on 11/21/06 2:44 PM, David Biddle at Dbiddle@no.address wrote:

> A few years back David Woods of GRRN told us about the Penn & Teller
> ³Recycling is Bullshit² episode he was amply featured in?along with Neil
> Seldman of ILSR. At the time most of us didn¹t respond to this notice and
> probably many folks never saw the show. I certainly didn¹t. However, in my
> research for a decent and general recycling intro video I¹ve found that
> ³Recycling is Bullshit² is now available at GoogleVideo. I just played the
> whole thing while working on an education plan for someone. It¹s enough to
> make you insane. So, if you¹d like to feel a bit more jaded than you already
> feel, and get really pissed off, and listen to guys completely distort many of
> the basic arguments for recycling right out the window, go check it out
> (address below). When you get there, you should also check out ³Bullshit!
> Environmental Hysteria.² It too is a trip through big, fat idiot land. A note
> of caution for those of you with pristine ears, there¹s a good amount of
> colorful language.
> P.S. As much as what Penn & Teller are doing is bizarre and twisted, I
> couldn¹t help chuckling whenever they just made unquestioning, idiotic
> statements based on nothing but propaganda and wishful thinking. It¹s really
> an amusing little half-hour video.

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