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[GreenYes] What to do with old computers

CNET just had a series of posts on this topic and there's a poll on it as well:

Member Question of the Week
My question isn't as technical as it is
practical. Over the years, my wife and I have
accumulated three desktops and a laptop computer
that are outdated. What does one do with these
things? I know there are environmental issues
involved in disposal of the monitors. Also, it
seems like a waste to just throw away these
machines. Is there something like a home for aged
computers or someone who would use the components
rather than adding them to a landfill? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted by: David L.

(Note: There is really no wrong or right answer
to David's question, so if you have suggestions
or creative ways to reuse, renew, or recycle old
and outdated computers,
share them with us. --Lee)
Answer by Don: Over the years many of my
coworkers, friends, and family members have
donated their obsolete computers and peripherals
to me as apposed to dumping them in the local
landfill. This is mostly because I'm a trusted person by these individuals...
here to see Don's full answer
Submitted by: Don R. of Seaford, Delaware

Answer by Kelly: Well, David, there are several
things you can do with them, but first, you need
to do a little "prep-work" or find someone you
know who you can trust to help you to do the
following: 1. Format the hard drives. 2. Make an inventory of the insides...
here to see Kelly's full answer
Submitted by: Kelly T. of Algona, Washington

Answer by Sav.: Hi David, thank you for being a
thoughtful disposer! I'm in the U.K., so my
suggestions may not apply to where you are. I
agree with you that old computers are an
environmental hazard if dumped in the landfill
and, because of my upbringing--waste not, want
not--it seems a dreadful waste....
here to see Sav.'s full answer
Submitted by: Sav. M. of the United Kingdom
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Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City

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