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[GreenYes] Join me in urging Congress to fight global warming!

Like me, you've probably been hearing a lot about global warming
lately. From journalists and celebrities to pundits and
politicians it's an issue that's finally gaining national

And not a moment too soon! We're heating up our atmosphere more
every day, with devastating human and environmental
consequences. With continued warming, scientists say we can
expect more extreme heat and drought, rising sea levels, and
higher-intensity tropical storms. At risk are our coastal
property and resources, the livability of our cities in summer,
and the productivity of our farms, forests, and fisheries.

Will you join me in taking action to fight global warming? Click
below to take action now!

Right now, Congress has a chance to do more than just talk about
this issue. Crucial legislation that would help slow global
warming is currently before both the House and the Senate.

Click below to urge your representatives in Congress to protect
our planet for future generations by co-sponsoring these
critical science-based global warming bills.

Average global temperatures have already increased by 1.4
degrees Fahrenheit since the 1800's. That may not sound like a
lot but scientists warn that if temperatures rise another 2.2
degrees Fahrenheit the results would be truly catastrophic.

In June, Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) introduced a bill in
the House that would gradually reduce global warming emissions
by 80%, the amount needed to give us a good chance of staying
below the threshold set by scientists. In July, Senators Jim
Jeffords (I-VT) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced a similar
bill in the Senate.

The passage of these bills is essential to protect our children
from the worst effects of global warming. Please don't delay!

Urge your representatives in Congress to help stop global
warming-click below to contact them now.

To help achieve these reductions, both bills call for a greater
reliance on clean, renewable energy sources and improved energy
efficiency-solutions that will have far-reaching positive
changes, such as reducing air pollution, creating new jobs, and
reducing our dependence on oil.

Once you've contacted your members of Congress, please help
spread the word by clicking here to use SOE's tell-a-friend form
to ask at least 3 friends or family members to join you.
Support's Work - Click the link below now
to make a secure online donation to help support our efforts to
protect our clean water, clean air, endangered species and wild

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