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[GreenYes] LA Sustainable Business Training

Apologies for Cross-Postings

>From: "Burt Hamner" <wbhamner@no.address>
>Organization: Cleaner Production International
>Public Short Course, ?Communicating Sustainability.?
>UCLA Vice Chancellor Lokman to Speak on the
>Challenge of Sustainability for Communications Professionals
>Mon Sept 18, 8:30 ? 4:30
>UCLA Faculty Center
>In April 2006, UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale
>approved the new Sustainability Principles for
>UCLA and endorsed the work of the campus
>Sustainability Committee. This diverse group
>has been discussing for over a year how to make
>all aspects of the university more
>environmentally and socially sustainable and
>they can now demonstrate numerous examples of
>sustainable practices on campus.
>Lawrence Lokman is Assistant Vice Chancellor for
>University Communications and a member of the
>Sustainability Committee. He directs the
>formulation and implementation of strategic
>communications initiatives and plans that
>support a desired image and sets of perceptions
>of UCLA. Before joining UCLA in 2004 Lokman
>was vice president at Rogers & Associates Inc.,
>the West Coast's largest independent public
>relations firm. Prior to that, Lokman served as
>senior communications consultant to the Los
>Angeles Department of Water and Power, the nation's largest municipal utility.
>?We don?t have a game plan yet but we have
>developed principles and key ideas for
>sustainability at UCLA,? says Mr. Lokman. He
>has agreed to speak about his experience
>learning about sustainability, and his ideas
>about how to frame it to audiences, as a morning
>keynote in the public short course,
>?Communicating Sustainability?, Sept 18, 8:30 ?
>4:30 at the UCLA Faculty Center on campus in West LA.
>?This is a great practical learning opportunity
>for anyone concerned about sustainable business
>or society,? says course director and instructor
>Burton Hamner. ?Vice Chancellor Lokman is that
>very rare person, a highly qualified public
>relations expert who has really been wrestling
>with concepts of sustainability and how to talk
>about it to diverse groups. We?ve asked him to
>describe how he has been getting his arms around
>it, so to speak, and what are the PR challenges
>he expects in promoting sustainability at UCLA.?
>The public short course, ?Communicating
>Sustainability?, presents the latest research,
>best practices, international guidelines and
>case studies about professional practice in
>sustainability communications ? what to talk
>about, how to talk about it, what audiences
>expect, what not to say, and more. The
>instructor is an MBA program professor and
>international consultant to the World Bank, US
>Agency for International Development, United
>Nations, Government of Thailand, City of Seattle, Nike Inc., and more.
>Course details are online at
>Registration is limited to 50 persons; course date is Sept 18.
>For more information email
>Please forward this notice to persons and
>organizations promoting sustainable business,
>government and society. Thank you!

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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