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[GreenYes] Re: Thermal Waste Treatment

Your comment Sir is uninformed as are some of the comment posted by this
group re any suggestion that has been made that plasma redux has anything to do
with incineration.

I am answering these posted ill informed technically challenged and very
biased self serving comments with peer reviewed scientific information on the
known documented failures of current recycle programs some on this list
continue to blindly support even in the light of new technology and as David said
political technical and economic changes and the direction of the future that
is coming to be as reported by scientific journals and national news.

Monicas posting was particularly interesting and revealing of list evident
biases and lack of emperical and scientific understanding of Mother Natures
physics in operation.

I have requested for the information of this group a comment from the
president of a company that is a leader in the gassification technology of which I
am very familiar and clearly no one who has commented on this list is except
by mis information and bullying and monopoly of ideas and discussion.

That being said I leave you and all others with the inability to grasp new
technology and the end of old and failed ones with your continued technical
ignorance and bigotry to new concepts and ideas.

C ya

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