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[GreenYes] Extraction of integrated circuits

Dear sirs,

I built a machine for disassembling computer boards, that removes all
the integrated circuits and are 100% reusable after extraction, I
tested a lot of them. The machine was created since integrated circuits
in my country are very expensive, but I found a big stack of electronic
waste from which I could take the components I needed. Now I have read
that there are companies doing e-waste mining, and I think the machine
is perfect for recycling. The machine doesn't emit gases since it works
at low temperature, consumes little energy (and I think it could run
solar powered), and it's very cheap to built... it could even be build
with wasted material, indeed I have 2 prototype made of waste. I read
about the process of e-waste minning, and it looks quiet expensive and
polluting, althought it is cheaper and cleaner than traditional
minning. Well, I have several questions and maybe you could help me on

1. What can I do with the PCB board?
2. Who could buy the extracted integrated circuits and other electronic
3. Who would be interested in buying these machines for personal use or
to build a recycling plant?

Thanks on advance, and best regards!

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