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[GreenYes] Re: plasma Flatbed trailers systems

Covanta has a WTE plant in Lake Co. one of three that is in Fla.
Lake Co. does recycles glass metal and paper and cardboard E waste and
landfill C and D too.

Dr Clarke's position is one that some multi millionaire waste folks and
Government actually looked at. Startech actually had one 10 TPD unit on a
flatbed and showed it to waste generators WITH ZERO interest to use it except for
Chemical weapons disposal.

In the economic models being used for recycles as we are now using THE
COSTING models are changing dramatically. The friction of Distance is getting
really pricey to overcome and the cost of initial materials production is
likewise going into low orbit.

In Fla we are running out of cheap land and cheap water too and landfills
have some rather expensive leachette and gassing off to contend with which with
increased rain and flooding is getting rather pricey and risky.

Lastly, Garbage and MSW are the sources of Local Gov Fees, taxes and
political payoffs according to the News reports I have seen. As a Disaster Engineer
during Andrew I had the privilege to be sent to Broward Co. on the FEMA IG
audit team
Very large Broward County had the highest waste disposal fees in Fla. Lake
Co with only 200,000 people was number 2.

With all the listers wondering why Bio Energy, Plasma and traditional
Gasification and Recycling have not taken off or grown one only has but to look at
where the trash and MSW money goes to concept the issues of obstruction as
political in nature not especially technological.


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