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[GreenYes] Circuit boards

My firm publishes a periodical focusing on electronics recycling. Allow me to answer your questions.

1. Printed wiring board scrap is sought worldwide by smelter operators, such as Noranda, Boliden and Umicore. In addition, dozens of refiners also process circuit-board scrap to recover precious and base metals.

2. Specific computer parts, especially from high-end PCUs such as Pentium 3s and 4s, are purchased by firms in the U.S. and elsewhere (especially China). There's a sizable market for specific chips, hard drives, power supplies, cards, etc. from demanufactured units.

3. Our database includes about 950 U.S. and Canadian for-profit e-scrap reclaimers and about 500 charitable organizations involved in computer resale, refurbishing and recycling.

Jerry Powell
E-Scrap News
PO Box 42270
Portland, OR 97242-0270
(503) 233-1305
(503) 233-1356 fax

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