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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling Plastic auto fuel tanks

Here is some information I had in a file, nothing too promising.

On fuel tanks, in 1997 the USCAR Vehicle Recycling Partnership, along
with Exxon Mobil, the American Plastics Council and Visteon conducted a
demonstration project to recycle HDPE fuel tanks into door panels, fuel
tanks and other automotive components. The tanks were collected,
ground, digested with wood and steam exploded and made into automotive
parts. The same process was done with a mixture of other plastics but
many people felt that it was too expensive to employ and that there
weren't strong enough markets for the products. See

It is my understanding that gasoline tanks are not 100% HDPE. They
generally contain about 6% EVOH. I am guessing it is not suitable to
regrind the tanks for typical HDPE reuse; although it is possible to
regrind and reuse as a portion of the plastic to make new gas tanks. I
have had ongoing inquiries for gas tank regrind from many plastic
recyclers; which makes me think the reuse must have to be very
specific, but not impossible. I stand to be corrected by those more in
the know.

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