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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling Plastic auto fuel tanks


Many thanks for your response.
I will try to keep you informed of anything further that I candig up
but in the meantime please note that a major plastic re cycling co in
the UK has told me that these multi layered tanks cannot be
economically recycled.
The question of dismantling, handling, storing and then cleaning makes
the task just too expensive. This accumulative cost is more that the
tank costs the car maker in the first place.
I think it would be simply smarter to tell the carmakers that the
option is steel which is 100% recyclable and the same price.
If the car makers think that saving 5 lbs on weight per tank is worth
37k TONS of, at best, risky landfill I think somebody should tell them
they are wrong.
That somebody has to be somebody they will ahve to listen to.
Any Ideas please.

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