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[GreenYes] Recycling Plastic auto fuel tanks

I have been lobbying the EU with questions as to how plastic fuel tanks
are disposed of at the ELV stage of vehicles.
After two years I have no conclusive answers but references to
legislation that mentions batterias, rubber and plastic bumpers (
fenders ). No specific reference is made to plastic containers
impregnated with either petrol or diesel.
I have spoken to dismantlers in the UK, Holland and Germany and they
refuse to write it but confirm verbally that these tanks still, in
2006, go to landfill.
The numbers involved are staggering.
The USA scraps about 12 million cars a year - 70% have these plastic
tanks - 8.4 Million tanks weighing 10 lbs each - 37,500 Long Tons per
year. Landfill seems the only known way to dump them.
The EU scraps about 10 million cars a year - same calculation - 31,250
Long tons per year.
69,000 Tons of contaminated plastic which will grow year by year.
One car maker has thought of using this plastic as a source for energy
for cement kilns. The problem is that it would cost more that the tank
to accumulate them, store them, cut them into pieces the size of a lump
of coal and then transport them to the kiln.
Does anybody have any knowledge of to whom or how to take this to a
decision making department in either the EU orf the USA.
The producers of these tanks say they are environmentally friendly but
when asked for a solution one of them told me to take the car back to
the car maker and ask them what to do.
They are just not bothered or interested.

Ideas please.
Leslie ( Mr)

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