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[GreenYes] Re: Street recycling can advertising

Dr. Clarke,

If this was in response to my question earlier I do thank you. I am
familiar with this Canadian company and other outdoor advertising
efforts involving the use of recycling and trash cans stationed on city

What I am not familiar with is similar advertising and media efforts
with only the small stackable recyling bins that are given out to
households and placed curbside weekly. I was hoping to spark some
recycling community conversation on the feasibility of cities selling
annual advertising space or rights on the side of these small stackable
household recyling bins that remain inside households and are placed
curbside weekly.

The revenue gained would simply be used to purchase the bins annually.
It is my opinion, although that is not worth much, that this is an
untapped market currently. In a local government environment where we
are searching for more and more revenue sources, and ways to make
programs self-supporting, this was one idea. I was going to float it
to this group to see if it was simply a stupid idea or something that
would be worth exploring more.

One question would be if businesses would be interested. Normally, a
flyer or ad received in the mail is tossed into the garbage or recyling
bin within minutes of entering your household from the mailbox. Ads
placed on recyling bins could not be tossed, but rather would be
invasive in nature - you would have to look at them when using your
houehold bin. Potential customers for these ads could be carry-out or
take-out places where phone-numbers on the bins for these places would
be convenient - also local stores, grocery stores, beverage companies

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