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[GreenYes] Deconstruction Conference: The Other Side of Building Green - June 14, 2006 - Buffalo, NY, June 16, 2006 - New York, NY

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>For More
>For Immediate Release
>Denley Media Advisory
>518.432.6400 x224
>Deconstruction and Beneficial Use:
>The Other Side of Building Green
>June 14, 2006 - Buffalo, NY
>June 16, 2006 - New York, NY
>Construction-related waste accounts for about one-fourth of total
>landfilled waste in the United States, yet many construction
>materials can be recycled and reused. Current trends in green
>building make it easier than ever to deconstruct, reuse and recycle
>building materials. Reducing and recycling C&D debris conserves
>landfill space, reduces the environmental impact of producing new
>materials, creates jobs, and can reduce overall building project
>expenses through avoided purchase/disposal costs.
>Deconstruction and Beneficial Use: The Other Side of Building Green
>offers a full day of educational programs featuring industry and
>government experts discussing current business, operations, and
>regulatory trends and how they are impacting construction and
>demolition recycling and reuse.The conference will cover a full
>spectrum of building materials conservation from construction,
>renovation, and demolition debris management to the incorporation of
>reused and recycled materials into new and renovation construction.
>Co-Hosts: Environmental Business Association of New York
>State, Inc. (EBA/NYS)
> New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and
> Recycling, Inc. (NYSAR3)
> US Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 (EPA)
>Affiliates: American Coal Ash Association (ACAA)
> AIA New York Chapter
> Center for Economic and Environmental
> Partnership, Inc. (CEEP)
> Erie County Department of Environment and Planning
> Institute for Local Self-Reliance
> Slag Cement Association
> UB Green Office, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
> USGBC New York City Chapter
>Audience: Design professionals, building owners,
>deconstruction and demolition contractors, recycling and reuse
>services professionals, developers and governmental officials
>Topics: Deconstruction Costs and Benefits; Used Building
>Materials Markets; Federal, State, and Local Government Highlights;
>Green Building and Deconstruction Connections/LEED Credits; Design
>for Deconstruction and Reuse; and Financial Incentivesfor Deconstruction
>Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunity: Please contact Ed Parker at
>518.432.6400 x227 or ed@no.address for more information.
>Speaking Opportunity: Please contact Donna Denley at 518.432.6400
>x224 or donna@no.address if you would like to present on any of the
>topics mentioned.
>Online Registration Now Available - Visit the EVENTS CALENDAR
>at for links to registration and for more information. The
>registration link is:
>Buffalo, N.Y. - June 14, 2006, University Inn & Conference Center
>(as of April 1, the name will change to Ramada Hotel and Conference
>Center) 2402 North Forest Rd, Amherst, NY near Buffalo
>New York City - June 16, 2006, EPA Region 2 Headquarters, 290
>Broadway, 30th fl.
> - 30 -
>(Varies slightly by location; more details available soon!)
>8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
>9:00 Welcome / Introduction
>Morning Opening Session
>EPA Region 2 Regional Administrator Alan Steinberg has been invited
>to discuss the Region 2 outlook and commitment to developing a
>sustainable environment and world through the beneficial use of
>industrial waste materials. Other speakers will provide an overview
>of the day's topics from design to deconstruction, and how
>beneficial use fits in that process.
>Morning Session Two
>Representatives of the New York Department of Environmental
>Conservation and the New Jersey Department of Environmental
>Protection will discuss the process for receiving a Beneficial Use
>Determination and provide examples of materials that have received
>BUDs in the past.
>Morning Panel Discussion One
>EPA and its co-sponsor, the American Coal Ash Association, are
>working with private and public organizations to use coal ash in
>construction projects. This panel will discuss the economic and
>environmental benefits that can be achieved by incorporating
>beneficial use materials such as coal ash.
>Morning Panel Discussion Two
>Additional case studies and success stories involving beneficial
>uses of other materials such as foundry sand.
>Noon - Lunch
>Afternoon Opening Session
>A representative from one of the industry trade associations, such
>as the Building Materials Reuse Association, will provide an
>overview of the deconstruction process, the C&D debris challenge,
>and beneficial use of waste materials in building projects and use
>of end-of-life building materials in other applications.
>Afternoon Panel Discussion One
>Prominent representatives from the fields of architecture, real
>estate development, and construction, as well as end-use markets,
>will explore in-depth the deconstruction and re-use process.
>Afternoon Panel Discussion Two
>Case studies of successful deconstruction projects from across the
>State of New York.
>5:00 Adjourn (4:00 for NYC)
>GW Associates
>702 S. Beech
>Syracuse, NY 13210

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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