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[GreenYes] [GAIA]Seminar: Towards "Zero Waste" goal in Buenos Aires City

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>From: "Cecilia Allen" <ceciliaallen@no.address>
>To: <gaia-members@no.address>
>Cc: "Jack Macy" <Jack.Macy@no.address>, <jo@no.address>
>Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 00:27:17 -0300
>If anybody turns out to be in Buenos Aires by May 12, your welcome to come!
>Seminar: Towards "Zero Waste" goal in Buenos Aires City
>Friday May 12, 2006
>Salón Dorado, Buenos Aires City Council
>Building. Perú 130, Buenos Aires City.
>Participation is open and with no charge. For
>more information and register: Tel: (54 11)
>45518811, Fax: (54 11) 45520775, email: cecilia@no.address
>The paradigm of municipal solid waste management
>is changing. The old model claimed that waste
>was a burden that had to be either buried or
>burnt. "Zero Waste" proposes an alternative
>vision to stop managing "waste" and start
>managing "resources" instead. "Zero Waste"
>combines measures to reduce the quantity and
>toxicity of the materials we discard, with
>others aimed at using everything that is
>discarded throught recovery and recycling. Even
>though it is not possible to eliminate waste
>overnight, "Zero Waste" marks the direction
>towards sustainability in regards to Municipal
>Solid Waste, incorporating objectives and tools
>to move forward. The purpose of this seminar is
>to know the current Zero Waste plans of
>different cities in the world and the inputs
>that different sectors can provide for the
>development of the plan in Buenos Aires city and elsewhere in Argentina.
>9AM - 1PM: The Zero Waste proposal for Buenos
>Aires city. Some international experiences.
> a.. What is Zero Waste? - Juan Carlos
> Villalonga, Director of Policies, Greenpeace Argentina.
> b.. Zero Waste worldwide - Cecilia Allen,
> Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA).
> c.. The "Zero Waste" law in Buenos Aires City
> - Juan Manuel Velasco, President of the
> Commission of Ecology, Buenos Aires city council.
>Zero Waste as a policy for Municipal Solid Waste management
>The Zero Waste plan for Buenos Aires city -
>Marcelo Vensentini, Minister of Environment, Buenos Aires city.
> a.. The Zero Waste experience in San
> Francisco city - Jack Macy, Commercial
> Recycling Coordinator, Departament of the Environment, San Francisco city, USA.
> b.. Zero Waste as a national goal in New
> Zealand - Jo Knight, CEO, New Zealand Zero Waste Trust.
>2:30PM - 6PM: Some actors and main components of
>a Zero Waste plan. Opportunities and challenges for the city of Buenos Aires.
> a.. Pannel: Participation of the Urban
> Recoverers or wastepickers in a Zero Waste plan.
> b.. Organic Waste Treatment.
> c.. Management of Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment (e- scrap)
>Organized by:
>Buenos Aires City Council

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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