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[GreenYes] Green Emperor Part VI (last segment) and a note on Jack Johnson's new Curious George Album

Tooting my horn one last time. For those interested, the last installment of
my essay THE GREEN EMPEROR GETS NAKED (Part VI 6.4 Billion Romantic
Idealists and Counting), is available at (watch out for the music; you can turn it off in
the box to the left).

The whole essay is a critique of the Environmental Movement and calls for
the rise of a new, complimentary progressive social movement centered on
sustainable development and environmental justice using climate protection
as an organizing principle. I argue that the environmental movement has
bitten off more than it can chew with wilderness conservation/wildlife
protection, public health/pollution, sustainable development, AND
environmental justice. Environmentalists need to concentrate on
conservation/protection and public health. A new movement, let¹s call it
Global Community Development, has the potential to change the world economy
into a force for long-term Good by advocating for sustainable development
and social justice. If you disagree with me, please let me know in
GetUnderground¹s comments sections...or here, shoot, I¹m not proud.

You can read the entire thing if you go to the archives:

P.S. My 14-year-old son, Jesse, downloaded Jack Johnson¹s new album
³Sing-a-longs and Lullabies² (the soundtrack to the new Curious George
movie), and it contains a song called ³3 Rs. You guessed it: Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle. It is fabulously funky and upbeat. If you go to iTunes to listen to
the clip, Johnson sings: ³Well if you¹re going to the market to buy some
juice/you gotta bring your own bags and you learn to reduce your waste.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle/Reduce reuse Recycle...And if your brother or your
sister¹s got some cool clothes, you can try them on before you buy some of
those...Reuse, we gotta learn to Reuse...² Maybe there¹s hope for the world

I guess we¹re all going to the movies.

David Biddle, Executive Director

P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118
215-432-8225 (mobile)


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