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[greenyes] Waste, Recycling, Packaging, WEEE & EPR in Latin America

Dear Friends & Colleagues:

One year ago Temas Actuales launched its free monthly e-mail summary of the
consumer and EHS news we post on our website,
<> , and I suggested that Greenyes?rs
interested in Latin American & Caribbean developments regarding waste,
recycling, packaging, WEEE and producer responsibility might wish to sign
up, since the coverage tends to focus heavily on such developments.

Well, a year later, I want to re-issue the invitation, and have listed below
(with links) the news items on these issues you might have missed so far in
2005 by not signing up for the FREE newsletter. Signing up is easy: just
plug in your e-mail in the slot on the left-hand panel of any page on our

For those of you interested in environmental issues other than wastes and
end-of-life (EOL) products, we also have covered during the years such
topics as cell phone towers, carbon credits, underground petrol tanks, use
of sewage sludge, oil spills, chemical safety, mandatory energy efficiency
and labeling, biosafety, solvents, POPs, mining, pesticides, detergents,
environmental licensing, ozone-depleting substances, mandatory environmental
labeling, ecolabeling, environmental crime, motor vehicle emissions,
renewable energy, water conservation, etc.

Best Regards,


Brazil: <>
RS Requires Municipalities to Adopt C&D Waste Management Plans

Brazil: <>
SP Creates Program for Recycling Food Oils and Greases

Mexico <>
Extends Deadline on Wood Packaging

Brazil: <>
Bill Proposed to Link Procurement to Environmental Responsibility

Central <>
American Governments Discuss Possible Regional Policy on Solid Waste

Another <>
Court Victory for IBAMA over Used Tires

Uruguay <>
Adopts MERCOSUR Regulation on Recycled PET

Brazil: <>
New DF Law on Producer Responsibility for Plastic Packaging & Scrap Tires

Brazil: <>
IBAMA Wins Key Court Decisions on Used Tires

Peru: <>
Digesa Circulates Draft Regulation on Municipal Landfills

Brazil: <>
DF Adopts Ban on Sale of Imported Used Tires

Brazil: <>
EU Calls for WTO Consultations on Brazil's Used Tire Import Restrictions

Brazil: <>
CONAMA Finally Puts Together Working Group on Interstate Shipments of
Hazardous Waste

Environment Ministers Decide to Forge Common Policy on Producer

Brazil: <>
Plastic Packaging Ban Bill Proposed in Minas

Brazil: <>
MS Adopts Law on Carbon Sequestration Projects

Brazil: <>
CONAMA Sets New Rules on Collection & Recycling of Used Oil

Mexico: <>
Waste Policy Bill Introduced in Coahuila

Mexico: <>
Waste Policy Bill Introduced in Michoacán

Costa <>
Rica: Deputies Reject Bill on Plastic Packaging Waste

Mexico: <>
SLP Adopts Regulation on Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste

Mexico: <>
SEMARNAT Signs Scrap Tire Covenant with Rubber Industry

Brazil: <>
RJ Bill Would Ban Certain Wood Packaging

Peru: <>
Conam Lays Out Its Environment Standard-Setting Plans

Brazil: <>
Conama Considers Draft Waste Legislation

Chile: <>
Health Ministry Issues Decree on Characterization of Hazardous Wastes

Bolivia <>
Adopts Rule on Wood Packaging

Brazil: <>
Omnibus Waste Bill Finally Introduced in SP

<> Another
Argentine Province Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

Brazil: <>
CONAMA Agrees to Create Working Group on POPs & Incineration

Bill Introduced

Bahamas: <>
Draft Environmental Regulations Circulated for Comment

Brazil: <>
Bill Introduced on Energy Generation from Waste

Mexico: <>
Chihuahua Amends its Environment Law

Brazil: <>
Bill Proposed to Impose Total Ban on Used Tire Imports

Panama to <>
Draft Norms on Ecolabeling, Waste Valorization

Brazil: <>
CONAMA Adopts New Rules on Wastes from Health Services

Mexico: <>
DF Bill Proposed to Set Rules for Opening & Closing Landfills

Colombia: <>
MAVDT Releases for Comment Draft Policy on Hazardous Wastes

Peru: <>
Final Version of National Waste Plan Adopted

Peru: <>
SENASA Releases for Comment Draft Regulation on Pesticides & Their Packaging

Mexico: <>
Tabasco Revises its Environment Law

<> PBA
Executive Sends Waste Bill to Legislature

Brazil: <>
Constitutional Amendment Proposed to Exempt Recycled Content from IPI

Brazil: <>
DF Bill Introduced to Seal Beverage Cans with Recycled Plastic

Peru <>
Adopts Regulation on Zinc-Carbon Batteries

<> Cabinet
Approves National Solid Waste Policy

Brazil: <>
PE Mandates Annual Industry Reporting of Waste Data

Packaging & Packaging Waste Bill Introduced in PBA

Colombia: <>
MAVDT Issues Rules on Landfills

Brazil: <>
PET Recovery Bill Introduced in Pará

Brazil: <>
Bill Introduced on Labeling of Plastic Packaging

Venezuela <>
Adopts Rules on Wood Packaging

<> Zero
Waste Bill Introduced in CABA Legislature

<> Bill on
Used Vegetable Oil Introduced in CABA

Brazil: <>
Bill Introduced to Seal Beverages Cans with Recycled Plastic

Debates Need for Global Agreement on Heavy Metals

Mexico: <>
Comprehensive Packaging Waste Bill Introduced

Mexico: <>
Bill Introduced to Extend Waste Law to Mexico's Territorial Seas

Brazil: <>
Bill on Expired Medicines Introduced in RJ

Colombia <>
Ratifies Basel Convention Protocol on Liability

Antigua <>
& Barbuda Amends Waste Law

Colombia: <>
DAMA Circulates for Comment Draft Rules on Hazardous Wastes & Certain EOL

<> Santa
Cruz Launches its Petroleum Wastes Registry

Brazil: <>
PE Adopts New Law on Agrotoxics & Their Packaging

Mexico <>
Publishes Final Rule on Wood Packaging

Brazil: <>
RJ Changes Environmental Licensing for Landfills, Recycling Plants

Brazil: <>
Belo Horizonte Adopts Battery, Lamp Law

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