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RE: [greenyes] Text Messages

Chris...I mistakenly sent an attachment a couple of weeks ago. I know
better, but forgot. SORRY!!!! Pat

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris [mailto:chris.sparnicht@no.address]
Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2005 4:13 PM
To: GreenYes
Subject: [greenyes] Text Messages

Dear GreenYes members,

Digest members do not receive attachments.
In fact, all they see is a huge load of gibberish when you send
bolded or colored text or attachments.

Please discontinue sending attachments to GreenYes.
Please set your email application to send TEXT-ONLY emails
to GreenYes. Information on how to do this is found here:
It's the first and most important thing in the guidelines.
If you haven't read it, please read the entire netiquette and faq.

Digest members will thank you. I will thank you.


Chris Sparnicht

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